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Horseboxhub – Horse Transport Made Simple

Are you looking for an impartial website to get affordable costs to move your horse? Our website brings together horse owners and horse transporters to bring you affordable transport costs.

Whether you are moving the horse 10 miles down the road or 300 miles up north, you can get a range of quotes from a variety of different transporters.

How it Works

As a horse owner, you would either search a backload or submit a journey. This journey would then get published on our website for horse transport companies to bid on. Once you are happy with the price, you would accept the bid from the horse transporter and arrange to get your horse moved. All details of the transporter are provided once the bid has been accepted.

Why Horseboxhub

When moving your horse, it’s important to get the best possible price from reliable horse transporters. Rather than phoning around each individual transporter, you can list your journey and let the transporters bid on the jobs. When transporters sign up, we also ask them for a DEFRA number, this can be displayed on their profile.

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Date Pickup Drop Off No. of Horses Load Type View Details
19/01/2020 Luxembourg Crawley, UK 1 Individual View details
19/01/2020 Crailsheim, Germany Crawley, UK c Shared View details
19/01/2020 Berlin, Germany Holland, MI, USA 1 Individual View details
19/01/2020 Horsham, UK Crawley, UK 432 Do not mind View details
17/01/2020 Cardiff, UK Birmingham, UK Shared View details
14/01/2020 Ulm, Germany Union City, CA, USA View details

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