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How it Works

Step 1

Upload your horse’s journey or your backload to your profile, for everyone to view.

Step 2

Add all of your details. The horse owner/transporter can browse the jobs.

Step 3

Drivers will bid on your journey / Horse Owners will contact you for your backload.

Step 4

Accept the bid / agree a price. You are now ready to transport your horse on your selected date.

Horse Transporters

Are you a horse transporter looking to transport horses to and from destinations, at an great price? By using Horsebox Hub, you can get multiple journeys from different horse owners.


1. Sign up as a horse transporter and submit your backload


2. You will be contacted by horse owners, who will message you about their journey


3. You can message the owners and search through their profiles to select the right journey for you


4. Agree a price and the horse owner will be in touch